The Top Five Garden Trends of 2018

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the top five garden trends of 2018 that are sure to get you inspired to start thinking about warm temperatures and about what your landscape dreams.


This word wabi-sabi is really just letting nature take its course; it is really just a new term for the cottage garden. Gardening over time has become very almost stressful because it takes a whole lot of maintenance and work. This is really getting people sometimes scared away from the garden. Your garden is your personality, so if your personality is a little bit of wabi-sabi then go for it. The success of this sort of depends on where you are, if you are living in a super contemporary neighborhood, you have to be careful about where you go with the wild garden but if you can get away with it do it. The good thing about a wild garden is you plant it and then you sort of let it get better and better every year and it will get better every season.

Old-World Charm

This trend involves taking a tumblestone, reclaimed wood, some live-edge wood, and some outdoor lighting to kind of blend in those elements and make space look like it’s always been there and make a space really cozy and warm. The sky is your limit when it comes to a budget, some of these are maybe not attainable but the ideas are if you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper and now’s the time to do that. You want to make sure that you’re checking on references, you want to make sure that they have a portfolio of work and they’ve done very well and they’re a member of a trade association. You might be paying a pretty penny just to get that drawing like that initial drawing of what’s in your head put down on paper. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to have that as a guide if you’re going to be spending money and getting it done in your own they can at least get you started in the right direction and often that saves you money.

Infinity Pool

Right now people want 365 outdoor living with all the screens that open up around so this indoor space becomes a part of the outdoor space. They can be utilized all the time by also maximizing views. Often when we talk about the outdoor landscape, we don’t think about the indoors and the views that we can create by creating those views and vignettes that you look outdoors. Well that’s what’s going to inspire you in the dead of winter even when there’s snow. Indoor pools are really expensive; the dehumidifiers to take the humidity out of the air can be $40,000. This may not be achievable for a lot really the idea is sometimes when doing the landscape design look outside and try to figure out the views that you will have.

Beautiful Layered Lighting

When it comes to the outdoors, outdoor landscape lighting is becoming a very popular trend that’s growing because people are working and they’re working really late and a lot of the times they get home at night and they want to still enjoy that space. It is really important to make sure that you have this done by a professional electrician and you want to make sure that you do this safely. There are some home kits that you can use but are really low cost LED lights so that you are not spending a lot of money on energy consumption. More explained here:

Meditation Garden

This is a big trend and this is just a little space where you could just go sit out in nature and just relax and have a secret garden where you could go meditate. This is something that is growing because if we do have stressful lives and we are so connected right now with our devices on an email that sometimes we are over-connected so you need to disconnect in a place where there’s no iPod connection out there you just go out to maybe read a book. The whole idea as you are designing outdoor spaces is to maximize your property and to maximize your enjoyment and at the same token to make things look pretty.…


Seeing children of these days wholly immersed in the use of computers, iphones, iPads, video games and the likes is not surprising. After all, we are in the computer age. Gone are those days when children play in circles and like meeting in groups to play, while they learn valuable social skills, communication skills, empathy and a host of other values that would make them highly adorable adults. However, you would find it interesting to know that, your kids would benefit immensely from learning how to keep a garden. Was that a tall assertion? Well, find below a list of some of the valuable life skills that your children can learn from gardening:

  • Responsibility: In all spheres of life, being responsible is a very important trait that must be imbibed. In gardening, your kid gets to learn that, in life, action and inaction produce results. If the kid leaves,the garden untended, it would soon be overgrown by weeds, while, if he/she plants beautiful plants or flowers in the garden, the result would be a blossoming and nice garden, which makes the kid proud and have a sense of accomplishment. Thus, you would have ingrained the importance of being responsible, which would go a long way in the proper development of your kid(s)
  • Creativity: Exposing your kids to the process of gardening spurs the genius in your child to action. By gardening, your kid would become highly innovative.In the garden, your kid would, after learning the conventional way(s) of tending the garden, planting and wetting the plants, independently devise ways of properly caring for a garden, planting new seeds. This attitude also shows up in the day-to-day activities of your kid. As it is often ‘innovation makes the world go round’.
  • Organisation: The process of gardening itself, teaches the necessity of being organized. From having your tools in place, to having adequate amount of water to wet the garden and so on. Your kid gets to learn the value of being organized in life, as the importance of being organized in the day-to-day activities of an individual cannot be overemphasized.
  • Discovery: Nature is full of wonders. Therefore, engaging your kids in the process of gardening would put your kids in a very suitable position to experience the wonders inherent in nature, firsthand!. Your kid discovers, that, planting a seed leads to the growth of a plant after some period of time, which ultimately answers some childish questions they ask you. Such questions include “Daddy, did this tree drop from heaven?” , “How did this plant get here” and so on.
  • Self confidence: In life, being confident of one’s ability to do things is very important. As it is often said, ‘the first step to failure is lack of confidence in one’s ability’.In the garden, your kid learns the art of being self confident. She/he learns that, nothing is impossible, when the will to do is present. It builds your kids self esteem and ability to think independently.

How to Create a More Personal Feel At Home?

Your home is supposed to be special to you and yet a lot of homeowners don’t have the feeling as though it’s their home. The problem for most people is that they don’t know how to decorate their homes to make it their own and it can be very disheartening. However, if you wanted to, you could create a more personal feel at home without putting in a lot of effort or hard work! It is now possible to create a simple feeling of belonging at home. Read on and find just a few tips that might prove useful to you.

Forget Following the Current Styles At Home – Think About Your Likes and Dislikes

What’s fashionable today is not fashionable tomorrow! However, does it matter? Well, no because sometimes what’s in is actually rubbish! Do you personally like the latest trends or do you have something in mind that you think is better? Sometimes, going for your gut instincts is a lot better, even if it’s not the most traditional or current stylish thing on offer. You shouldn’t follow the tide just because everyone else is doing it, be unique and go with your likes and dislikes. Why use pastel shades if you don’t like them? Choose the styles you really love and you’ll be far happier.

Choose Shades Which Reflect Your Personality

When it comes to choosing color schemes for your home, you have to again choose something you think is most appropriate. Do you really like everything magnolia? Are you something who prefers bright yellows instead of subtle pinks? Sometimes you have to go with the things you like and choosing shades which reflect your personality will be important. If you like emerald greens go for them, or if you are a purple person, opt for them. You don’t have to follow the latest trends because that isn’t being unique! Check here.

Opt For a Mix of Classic and Traditional Furniture

When it comes to furniture which pieces are you fonder of? Do you think traditional is better or modern? Are you something who loves everything classical even if it’s not in fashion? Why not has a mix of both modern and classic? This can be great and there are lots of ways the two styles can complement one another. You really are going to love the mix of the two and there are lots of simple ways to make them standout as well. A lot of people aren’t too sure on putting these things together but they can work and you don’t need to use a mix in all rooms, just the rooms you want.

Create That Personal Feeling

People are often afraid to choose styles and things they like when it comes to their home simply because it’s not ‘fashionable’ or the latest ‘trend’ but who cares?! It’s your home and you should decorate it however you like. You are the one to live there and you have to put up with that wallpaper as well as the furniture so why not make it all something you love? Make your home more personal today.…

Home and Garden Drop Shipping and Online Shopping


Over the past decade or so, the world of online shopping has doubled and it’s going to become even more popular too. However, the way in which a lot of online shops and businesses are working are via drop shipping. Now, drop shipping is when a business sells goods but don’t actually carry any physical stock; they instead buy from a drop shipper who will pack and deliver the goods on the behalf of the online store. When the store receives their money, they pay the drop shipper and the goods are sent. Home and garden supplies are truly in high demand and it’s not hard to see why so many are choosing them.

Why Drop Shipping Is Easy?

In all honesty, home and garden products are in great demand with more and more looking to buy these goods and for some businesses they can’t actually afford to hold stock. It can be tricky to buy goods and hold them until they’re sold because it could take months and for some businesses, they haven’t got the storage means. However, by using drop shipping services you don’t have to hold any physical stock which means money and space can be saved. That’s why more and more are choosing this route and it’s far easier too.Get some news from

Can You Choose To Set Up An Online Store And Use Drop Shipping?

Anyone can, in fact, become a business owner and create an online store but the right drop shipper will need to be found. That isn’t too difficult to do in all honesty, but you do need to ensure there is a market for the products you aim to sell. Yes, you don’t technically hold stock or buy any until buyers buy from you but at the same time you don’t want to invest in this without getting results. You have to be wary of how much you charge and ensure the cost of the stock isn’t too high that you can’t make a profit. These are simple things and yet people don’t think about them. Home and garden products are highly sought after and drop shipping companies are in great demand too.

A Simpler Way to Sell

shoppingDrop shipping home and garden products are really great and something that more and more choose on a daily basis. However, it does seem as though it’s a simpler and safer way to sell goods. Home and garden products really are useful because everyone wants their homes to be perfect and who wouldn’t want to make their garden a relaxing environment for the bright sunny days? Far too many people don’t think about this and it’s wasteful to say the least. You can absolutely find using a drop shipper is easier than holding home and garden stocks yourself.

Drop Shipping Has Changed the Way People Sell

While home and garden products are in great demand, stores don’t always want to hold these products in their warehouses. It’s not that they don’t want to sell these goods but they can take up a lot of space and sometimes these products can take months to sell. That’s why people today are choosing to use a drop shipper. It’s easier for them and they can often save on costs in many ways. Home and garden drop shipping has never been as popular.…

Greening Your Home and Garden


Do you want to make your home and garden a little more green? Going green isn’t such a difficult thing and it’s something which far too many people don’t consider for some strange reason and yet it’s very important. Doing what you can to save the planet and make the environment a little safer is vital. It will make all the difference in the world even when it seems nothing can be done to stop global warming. However, little steps can make a real difference and you can make your home and garden greener in many simple ways.

Adding More Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

First and foremost, what type of light bulbs do you use? Regular or standard light bulbs are not always the best simply because they use up a lot of energy. You have to remember you use up a lot of lighting during the night as well as during the day so you need to do what you can to change this. You aren’t going to sit in the dark so instead change your light bulbs. Opt for greener bulbs such as energy or eco-friendly. These are the type of light bulbs that will make a difference and will ensure less energy is used. It’s really quite important to do this and it’ll reduce the impact on the environment.View more details at

Recycle What You Can

Glass and paper can be recycled as can some plastics and even tins; you absolutely should think about recycling these when you can. This will help to save the plant a little simply because instead of throwing all these things into the rubbish where they’ll be taken to the dump, they can be reused. That is ideal to say the least and it’ll make a real impact as well. If everyone recycles glass and paper and what they can at home it’ll be a great contribution to becoming greener. This is why there are so many people today who are arguing that going green is the best solution and many new items can be made from them.

Make Your Own Compost Heap

Online-ShoppingWhile you probably haven’t thought about creating your own compost heap at home, it can be a wonderful idea. There are lots of green items within your home that can be used within your compost heap. This is kept out in the garden but it can be used for a lot of things and it will help to save the planet somewhat too. It’s the little things that actually make a huge difference and, if everyone done just a little, it would mean so much. That is why there are so many people today who are looking at simpler ways to go green.Visit site here!

Make your Home Greener

Turning your garden and home into a green sanctuary is important and not as difficult as you might think. Yes, there are changes afoot but it’s not major ones but rather little ones and they can really help. That is why there are so many people today who are trying to push the green movement. Going green can be a simple way to help keep the planet safe.…

Choosing Material for Your Home and Garden Furniture


Defining your home and garden can be difficult but, with the right furniture, things can be made a lot easier. Of course, a lot of people don’t think furniture makes a home and yet it does. The type of furniture you have within your home can absolutely make the home and garden stand out for all the right reasons. However, how can you choose the material for your home and garden furniture? Read on to find out more.

Why Not Choose Wooden Furniture?

Wood might seem like an odd choice when it comes to furniture but it can be an ideal material to work with. There are lots of types of wood to choose from and they can be very strong and durable. Of course, you aren’t going to buy a wooden sofa but you can buy wooden furniture, such as tables, sideboards and many so on. These things can add a lovely sense of balance to any home and you can feel more comfortable with them. Wood, as a material, is ideal as you have more styles to choose from and wood can work in most homes too. You can even choose wooden furniture for the outdoor area, such as tables and chairs and a wooden swing to sit out on in the garden.Click more information at

Wicker Furniture

Despite what you might think, wicker is ideal for both the home and the garden. Wicker furniture for the garden can be great because you can find yourself as well as get a lot of different styles. However, wicker furniture can also be great for patio and decking areas as well as in the kitchen. Wicker is really quite popular and there are a lot of uses for it too. You can opt for the retro styles or the more modern styles and it’s great to say the least. This is why more and more are choosing to work with wicker materials than ever before.

Wrought Iron

online-shopping-940x627Have you thought about wrought iron? OK, so wrought iron isn’t so often seen in actual homes, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not ideal for outdoor areas. Garden furniture made from wrought iron can last a very long time and the great thing is that a quick shine up with a metal cleaner and things can look like new once again. This is why it’s an ideal material for the garden area. Wrought iron offers a nice rustic look and there are lots of benches, chairs, and tables and lots of other garden furniture that can be ideal for your garden.

Choose the Best Materials

You want to find materials that are not only strong but that will also last a lifetime. The type of materials you use will make a real difference today and it’s something which will come in use today. It’s very important that the materials or the furniture you choose is strong and going to last long too. Your home and garden furniture really should be made from the best materials and you should take a little time to find the best.…