The Top Five Garden Trends of 2018

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the top five garden trends of 2018 that are sure to get you inspired to start thinking about warm temperatures and about what your landscape dreams.


This word wabi-sabi is really just letting nature take its course; it is really just a new term for the cottage garden. Gardening over time has become very almost stressful because it takes a whole lot of maintenance and work. This is really getting people sometimes scared away from the garden. Your garden is your personality, so if your personality is a little bit of wabi-sabi then go for it. The success of this sort of depends on where you are, if you are living in a super contemporary neighborhood, you have to be careful about where you go with the wild garden but if you can get away with it do it. The good thing about a wild garden is you plant it and then you sort of let it get better and better every year and it will get better every season.

Old-World Charm

This trend involves taking a tumblestone, reclaimed wood, some live-edge wood, and some outdoor lighting to kind of blend in those elements and make space look like it’s always been there and make a space really cozy and warm. The sky is your limit when it comes to a budget, some of these are maybe not attainable but the ideas are if you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper and now’s the time to do that. You want to make sure that you’re checking on references, you want to make sure that they have a portfolio of work and they’ve done very well and they’re a member of a trade association. You might be paying a pretty penny just to get that drawing like that initial drawing of what’s in your head put down on paper. Sometimes it’s kind of nice to have that as a guide if you’re going to be spending money and getting it done in your own they can at least get you started in the right direction and often that saves you money.

Infinity Pool

Right now people want 365 outdoor living with all the screens that open up around so this indoor space becomes a part of the outdoor space. They can be utilized all the time by also maximizing views. Often when we talk about the outdoor landscape, we don’t think about the indoors and the views that we can create by creating those views and vignettes that you look outdoors. Well that’s what’s going to inspire you in the dead of winter even when there’s snow. Indoor pools are really expensive; the dehumidifiers to take the humidity out of the air can be $40,000. This may not be achievable for a lot really the idea is sometimes when doing the landscape design look outside and try to figure out the views that you will have.

Beautiful Layered Lighting

When it comes to the outdoors, outdoor landscape lighting is becoming a very popular trend that’s growing because people are working and they’re working really late and a lot of the times they get home at night and they want to still enjoy that space. It is really important to make sure that you have this done by a professional electrician and you want to make sure that you do this safely. There are some home kits that you can use but are really low cost LED lights so that you are not spending a lot of money on energy consumption. More explained here:

Meditation Garden

This is a big trend and this is just a little space where you could just go sit out in nature and just relax and have a secret garden where you could go meditate. This is something that is growing because if we do have stressful lives and we are so connected right now with our devices on an email that sometimes we are over-connected so you need to disconnect in a place where there’s no iPod connection out there you just go out to maybe read a book. The whole idea as you are designing outdoor spaces is to maximize your property and to maximize your enjoyment and at the same token to make things look pretty.