Seeing children of these days wholly immersed in the use of computers, iphones, iPads, video games and the likes is not surprising. After all, we are in the computer age. Gone are those days when children play in circles and like meeting in groups to play, while they learn valuable social skills, communication skills, empathy and a host of other values that would make them highly adorable adults. However, you would find it interesting to know that, your kids would benefit immensely from learning how to keep a garden. Was that a tall assertion? Well, find below a list of some of the valuable life skills that your children can learn from gardening:

  • Responsibility: In all spheres of life, being responsible is a very important trait that must be imbibed. In gardening, your kid gets to learn that, in life, action and inaction produce results. If the kid leaves,the garden untended, it would soon be overgrown by weeds, while, if he/she plants beautiful plants or flowers in the garden, the result would be a blossoming and nice garden, which makes the kid proud and have a sense of accomplishment. Thus, you would have ingrained the importance of being responsible, which would go a long way in the proper development of your kid(s)
  • Creativity: Exposing your kids to the process of gardening spurs the genius in your child to action. By gardening, your kid would become highly innovative.In the garden, your kid would, after learning the conventional way(s) of tending the garden, planting and wetting the plants, independently devise ways of properly caring for a garden, planting new seeds. This attitude also shows up in the day-to-day activities of your kid. As it is often ‘innovation makes the world go round’.
  • Organisation: The process of gardening itself, teaches the necessity of being organized. From having your tools in place, to having adequate amount of water to wet the garden and so on. Your kid gets to learn the value of being organized in life, as the importance of being organized in the day-to-day activities of an individual cannot be overemphasized.
  • Discovery: Nature is full of wonders. Therefore, engaging your kids in the process of gardening would put your kids in a very suitable position to experience the wonders inherent in nature, firsthand!. Your kid discovers, that, planting a seed leads to the growth of a plant after some period of time, which ultimately answers some childish questions they ask you. Such questions include “Daddy, did this tree drop from heaven?” , “How did this plant get here” and so on.
  • Self confidence: In life, being confident of one’s ability to do things is very important. As it is often said, ‘the first step to failure is lack of confidence in one’s ability’.In the garden, your kid learns the art of being self confident. She/he learns that, nothing is impossible, when the will to do is present. It builds your kids self esteem and ability to think independently.